This Student Was Asked To Leave Her Gym Because of Her Outfit


It is no secret that most fitness models and online training catches don’t dress the way one should when going to a public gym. And in their defense, they don’t dress that way 24/7. Usually, it is just for a shoot; they do wear workout gear at the gym just like normal people would. We wanted to establish the fact that almost all of us know what kind of dressing should be considered inappropriate at a public gym. We wanted to establish that as we are going to show you a picture of a woman and you have to decide whether she is dressed inaptly. So the following woman named Sarah Villafañewas says that she was asked to leave her college gym because of the outfit she wore. In her words, the problem was the “crop top” which she paired with her workout leggings. Confused with the whole situation, Sarah posted this on Facebook. While people may argue that she could’ve worn a shirt over her crop top, her top is nothing too reviling. One can clearly see that it is a standard gym outfit. You’ve probably seen many women wear such outfits at your gym perhaps. As we can see, she was not too happy with the situation hence the post online. Since she posted her experience on Facebook, the post has gone viral, and a lot of people have given their thought on the matter.However, one thing that is still a bit odd is the reason that they gave for kicking Sarah out of the gym. As she recalls it, she was asked to leave the gym for a quote on quote “sanitary concerns.”Well, you can decide on whether Sarah was being out of line or was the college gym being too strict with their dress codes?