This ‘scary’ dog proves with a little love and compassion, anything is possible (13 Photos)


When this stray pup was found wandering around in Croatia, it was clear he needed help. While normally strays are afraid of humans, the humans were afraid of the poor pup…That was until veterinarian and animal rescuer Klaudija Sigurnjak stepped in. She named the dog ‘Frodo’ possibly after Lord of the Rings, even though the poor doggy more resembled gollum. But that was about to change…Frodo had a terrible case of mange and an infection that was eating away at his right eye. Klaudija began treatment immediately, and with some love and compassion, Frodo began to bounce back, quicker than expected…Under all that dirt and grime, a fluffy pup that just wanted to be loved appeared. The next step was to find Frodo a loving family..Marko Duspara and his wife happened upon the newly transformed pup, and after learning of his past decided to take the woof machine into their lives.Be nice to dogs, please.(h/t: BoredPanda)