This Artist’s Erotic Drawings of Fairy Tales will Highly Provoke your Sultry Sensuousness


We have seen enough artworks of talented artists from around the world who brought numerous paintings and drawings to the surface of our pop culture. These illustrations included different types of animation ranging from Disney princesses to satirical craft pieces that illuminate the history of art.

But this time around we brought you something totally new and different, it’s the sultry and saucy gallery by Ben Newman, a graphic artist from Oxford, U.K. His extraness is the way he combines, fearless female characters, robots, and other species in a  fantasy world where all of them co-exists together with hunger for intimacy that will attract your attention and invite you into their world of extreme desire and feeling.

1. Maleficent is warming up.

2. Joker’s sweetheart Harley Quinn.

3. Princess of the Amazons, Wonder Woman.

4. Velma from Scooby-Doo.

5. Teenage mutant, Ninja Turtles.

6. Pikachu in female form.

7. Sultry Lego.

8. Bad and naughty Pinnochio.

9. Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

10. Captain Caveman.

11. Leela from Futurama.

12. Christmas reindeer in a female body.

13. Velma being haunted.

14. A girl and her Robot toy on a piggyback ride.

15. A poster of new edition Cinema Sewer.

16. A robot and his Barebum lady.

17. Dorothy got a little lost while walking down the yellow brick road.

18. Cheeky Belladonna.

19. Legend of the Peril Squad.

20. Good girl has gone saucy.

21. The mummy and the nurse.

22. A scene from Jenny Bones

23. Unzipping Penelope Purpleton.

24. Burlesque beauty Missy Malone