These Army soldiers were forced to give up their dog, then he saved their lives in the most remarkable way


Army officer and historian Angry Staff Officer recently shared a story he heard from a veteran at a party. The veteran was in an armor unit while deployed in Iraq, and they took in a local mutt, which they named Trackpad. He was a great dog, but the Army demanded they get rid of him. However, when the soldiers rolled into the city to turn him loose, something unbelievable happened.Scroll through for one the most incredible stories ever told about the relationship between man and man’s best friend, tested by the trials of war. Other veterans replied with photos and stories about their own war dogs.Thanks to all the good boys and their humans for putting it all on the line to protect our country. PS — I know the lead image is a Marine and not an Army soldier, but copyrights are a bitch and it’s tough to find a good photo without getting sued these days.