Teenage Girl Goes In For A Job Interview, Gets A Brutal Rejection Seconds Afterward


Interviewing for a job, even under the best of circumstances, is a nerve-wracking, scary experience. That’s especially true when the applicant in question is a teenager trying to make their way into the working world at a young age. However, the experience can be downright terrible when the company behaves like this one did following an interview.Megan Dixon from Leicester in England was eager to pick up a gig as a server at a very well regarded chain steakhouse but was quickly discouraged when she got a brief and brutal text just moments after her interaction with the potential employers ended.As you can see, it looks like, given the speed with which the employer texted out the response so soon after the meeting, that the message wasn’t meant for Megan, but rather another manager at the outlet, letting them know that she wasn’t a good fit. That’s fine, but the fact they accidentally sent it to Megan and used that language regardless of the audience had social media up in arms about their shoddy treatment..While she may not have been the ideal candidate, the fact that the response went viral (in a now-deleted screenshot of the exchange from Megan’s personal Twitter account) means that the company likely lost some customers who felt the need to stand up for a teen who was just looking for a job.Though she deleted the tweet weeks after the exchange, the damage had been done, and Megan was more than happy to share her story with news outlets who, for obvious reasons, were quick to jump on this story about a hapless teen dealing with a very harsh response from an employer. Megan event went so far to go on the offensive, claiming that the interviewer she sat with was actually the one acting unprofessionally. Megan claimed the interviewer was very unprepared and their phone was going off through the entirety of the brief exchange. So while Miller and Carter Steakhouse may have withheld the job from Megan due to her presence at the interview (which is fine, in and of itself), the fact that they couldn’t seem to keep their criticisms private has certainly hurt the chain’s reputation in the eyes of the public. The chain has spoken up, admitting that they handled the whole thing poorly and offering an unequivocal response to the now-viral teen. “We can’t apologize enough to Megan,” a spokesperson for Miller and Carter told national news outlet The Sun. They might not be able to apologize enough, but maybe they should offer a little more to make things right.Their explanation/apology continued: “It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.” Does that make it any better? Well, it means — if it was true — that the message wasn’t sent out of malice or spite, but rather just sloppiness. It doesn’t change how Megan would have felt after getting the message, but in the eyes of the public, diners might be more willing to forgive negligence than malice, especially when directed at such a young job seeker.