Rescued Husky goes from malnourished to glamorous (8 Photos)


This is a photo of Luna, the Siberian Husky who was rescued from the streets no more than 8 months ago. Malnourished, scared, and left to fend for herself, she didn’t seem to have a thing going for her. Look. At. Those. Eyes. Despite her awful situation, she’s still a dog, and dogs just want to love, don’t they? You can see how happy she is to have some attention given to her. Luna was rescued by Imgur user BitterSweetSymphony, who pointed out that her lack of hair was “because of the mange.”It took some time, but with the proper veterinary care, some love, affection, and good food, she started to get back on track. BitterSweetSymphony is no stranger to rescuing dogs. “I have 7 dogs and 5 of them are from the streets,” Said he. “But last year I had around 25 and all of them got adopted.“