Miley Cyrus’ New Easter Photoshoot Is Extremely Racy, and Fans Are Not Happy


Miley Cyrus just posted a slew of Easter-themed pictures on her Instagram account, and they’re exactly what you would expect from the cheeky singer.In the pictures, Cyrus is wearing a pastel dress, sitting in a garden with a picturesque view, a picket fence and nice flowers. She also has on Easter bunny ears and a Marilyn Monroe inspired pink hairdo. Seems to be the perfect setting for an angelic photoshoot, one would think. But the fact that it’s Cyrus that’s in the pictures should make you think again. In the pictures, she poses seductively with the Easter bunny, among some Easter eggs, astride a tricycle, reclines on a lawn chair and goes so far as to get spanked on the buttocks by the Easter bunny. Cyrus’ fans voiced their opinion on the return of this more flaunting and risqué side of hers. Many expressed their excitement that the actress, who has become substantially more mellow from the days of twerking at the VMA’s and grinding on Robin Thicke, has shown her wilder side again. 2015 Miley is back!” one fan commented. I hope we get another Bangerz album out of this,” another theorized about her career options from this photoshoot. Exact fit for Playboy’s bunny model.” yet another fan gave her career advice. Is that Liam in the bunny suit?” One fan was more concerned about the identity of the bunny.

Many fans also expressed that they were upset that an iconic public holiday had been sexualized by Cyrus.

“And the Easter Bunny is officially ruined for kids who follow her account,” one complained.

Glad to see what a “supposedly religious” holiday looks like lol, smh I cant,” another wrote. I’m sure Jesus is proud,” one sarcastically commented. The photographs have been taken by the photographer, Vijat Mohindra, since Cyrus has tagged him in a few of the pictures, but whether they are for a particular photoshoot or just a personal project is unclear. Many speculate that the pictures are for a photoshoot with Vogue magazine.