A Woman Was Pulled Over For Speeding. One Week Later She Got Beautiful Sympathy Card In The Mail


As kids, we are taught the importance of helping others and sharing. Things that we then tend to ignore later on in life.
Being nice to others, or being supportive and sharing is caring are lesions that we feel are ok, and we do want to teach our kids those values, but if the time comes, we do often look the other way and ignore someone that might be in need of one of those virtues.

We all have our moments that we could’ve been a little nicer, or simply asked someone how they were doing. As adults, we believe that people’s problems are so big that we can’t help with just words and anything beyond that is just asking for too much. Hey, I don’t know you, and I have my own problems to face buddy. We live in the “life is hard, and you have to do it all by yourself principle.” We do want help from others but we rather not help others.
It not that we don’t want to, as we said before; our perceptions are such that words or a simple act of kindness won’t do any good. And while most people have the right to disagree with our observation. Not a lot of people would go out their way to help a stranger.

The following incident is an example of what just a few soft words and a kind gesture are capable of doing for anyone that is feeling down on their luck.

A woman named Gina Headen was on the road when she was pulled over by the authorities. Gina was going 65 in a 55 miles an hour speed limit area. The officer asked for her driver’s license and registration. She remained in the car for a few minutes then the officer came back, and he said something that Gina wasn’t expecting. In her own words;
“The officer came back to my car and said it was my lucky day, and that we were born on the same day and date, after that he told me to slow down and have a good day.” However, as soon as Gina couldn’t see the officer anymore, she started crying. Gina had recently lost her father. A man that she loved with all her heart and had the utmost respect for; it wasn’t something she could just keep in and while she thought that the officer had gone to his car he had seen Gina crying and he had come back to ask her if everything was alright.

“He walked away, and I broke down and began crying. Thinking he was back in his car. He shocked me and tapped on my window asking if I was ok.” Gina Headen.

When the officer asked what the matter was, Gina explained that she had just recently lost her father.

“I told him I was sad, that I had just lost my dad. He said to take a minute and breathe. He talked to me a minute then helped me back into traffic.” And while that in itself was quite the commendable act on the part of Deputy Dan Hill, he went one step further. And about a week after their encounter, the Deputy sent Gina a little something in the mail. “A week later, I received this beautiful card in the mail. Thank you, Deputy Dan Hill #227 of St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department.” In the card the Deputy how he felt about Gina losing her father like that. He also wrote some amazing words for her father and praying that one day Gina’s tears of sadness would become tears of joy in honoring her father’s legacy. The beautiful card with the sweet gesture left Gina speechless and in tears, however, this time they were the tears of joy. They even met up once more in an interview done by kmove4. And this time Gina had her chance to thank the officer personally for all that he did for her.