If You Thought Thigh Gaps Were Bad, Get Ready For This Crazy New Trend


If you haven’t heard about this trend, we’re sorry to be the ones to break the news to you.

The ab crack was recently named by “Elle.” It refers to a visible line that runs down the middle of your stomach.
If you look at your own body and are confused by a lack of a stomach line, don’t worry.
The majority of us don’t have an ab crack and probably wouldn’t want any extra cracks anywhere on our bodies if given the option.

f you really want to see a strong vertical split between your abdominal muscles, you’re going to have to work out like a crazy person and/or stop eating anything that tastes good.
Just take a minute and ask yourself if you’re really ready to sacrifice a good piece of cake or tasty beverage for a trend that has the word “crack” in it.

We wouldn’t be surprised.
Do yourself a favor and accept your body exactly how it is, no matter how many gaps or cracks it has.
You can give all the ab crack ladies a nice thumbs up without having to adopt the trend as your own.
If it’s not realistic for you (and statistically it probably isn’t), don’t sweat it.