A few things you probably didn’t know about ‘Old School’ (9 Photos)


It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since ‘Frank the Tank’ and ‘Blue’ hit the big screen. Old School was a new school take on some of the classic comedy films like Animal House. To celebrate the film’s 15th anniversary, CineFix gathered a few tidbits about the movie you probably didn’t know.Director Todd Phillips and Writer Scot Armstrong wanted the movie to be a comedy version of Fight Club. Phillips and Armstrong spent a full two months at executive producer Ivan Reitman’s house making a script about a down on his luck worker that’s convinced by a fearless friend to join a cult for men focused on improving their lives. Sound familiar? Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn took the roles of Tyler Durden and the narrator. The studio was unsure of Vince Vaughn’s comedic abilities since his recent roles were a little more on the serious side. Since Vaughn was such a last-minute addition to the film the wedding scene was held up waiting for him to sign his contract. A short 2-years later, Vaughn was in the exact same church and the same alter. This time with Luke’s brother, Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers. Director Todd Phillips makes a cameo in the film was a creepy pervert looking for some fun. It turns out, Phillips makes this cameo in his film’s whenever it’s needed. You can find him licking toes in Road Trip or going down on a woman in the elevator in The Hangover.The ribbon scene was originally written for Luke Wilson but he refused to do it after a long day on set. Will Ferrell stepped up with his amazing rhythmic gymnastics performance. During the streaking scene, Ferrell bared it all when he refused to wear ‘marble bag’ during his nude scenes.The Mitch-A-Palooza party was the last scene shot for the movie. Instead of being quick, the party took almost 2 hours because headliner, Snoop Dogg was having trouble getting out of his trailer. Vince Vaughn took the mic and kept the 300+ extras lively while waiting.