25 People who Savagely Lived their Truth over Social Media without Giving A Damn


There are two types of people in this world, wait there are many types. But in general, for this purpose, there are two certain kinds which are, one who is totally a “yes person” that always follows the rules and always seek validation from others, and one who is a total savage and doesn’t care at all of what others might think.

The latter one, these people will always go with their guts and do what is in their best interest, they’ll probably eat dessert for lunch as well. Because they literally don’t care. They are amazing though, it’s not easy to be that confident and not expect to lose their game.

And there is no doubt that they are fun and entertaining, their social media posts reflect the same as well, here are some of them. Enjoy!

1. It’s not the dog’s fault.

2. Harry Styles totally handed this guy over.

3. No one messes with TigerAir Australia.

4. It’s not gonna happen.

5. You, dear mam, have been caught red-handed.

6. He is not gonna tell us anything.

7. Get your facts straight, person.

8. Yikes! This is a pretty awkward situation.

9. Sorry dude. You didn’t win this one.

10. Wish if people started following this trend more.

11. Well, what are husbands for, right?

12. Girl, you are weird but I love you!

13. It’s all about, how much drama you can afford.

14. There is nothing that a dollar can’t solve.

15. Imagine the places you can sneak in alcohol in to.

16. She’s a kipper, never let her go.

17. Dude, your girl is damn crazaayyy!

18. Going into the kitchen when you are high is definitely a bad idea.

19. I’m feeling bad for him.

20. I’m tearing up laughing at this but they are so cute.

21. Oh wow, okay we totally get it.

22.  I think it must be a date with the chocolate chip cookie.

23. That was literally the most real proposal I’ve read.

24. This person is not the one to mess with.

25. “Woman so attractive, she warps space-time itself.”