24 Insanely Stupid Acts of People that’ll give you Unstoppable Laughs


Everybody makes mistakes (That’s what Hannah Montana told me). Some people make multiple mistakes before breakfast. They are an inevitable part of life which we have come to accept. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t funny, especially when someone’s got a camera with them.

Whether you like it or not, your blunders will be posted on social media. If you were the one who posted your own oopsie, hopefully, it was just for a good laugh to show everyone how human you are; because no one will let you forget.

1. That moment when you forget how to be an adult.

2. Yeah, okay that’s impressive and all, but sleep is life, man.

3. This girl should not be on social media, influencing people and so on.

4. Hey, technically you got what you ordered, so I see no problem.

5. If it makes you feel any better, the man probably thought he was in the wrong room, too.

6. I really hope you are joking…

7. That could go wrong in so many ways.

8. I wonder if his insurance covers stupidity.

9. Seriously, people, those bathroom signs are there for a reason!

10. Don’t worry, they’re better that way.

11. Probably the best marketing strategy ever.

12. This is the hairstyle you should try next.

13. I’m feeling bad for the guy.

14. This is probably what Youtubers look like when they test out their life-hacks.

15. Plot twist- it’s a conspiracy theory.

16. I bet it was the only clean shirt she had.

17. That’s the surprise no one wants.

18. That’s how you sell a vibrator like a pro.

19. All sorts of people hanging out there.

20. Drunk people are really stupid, aren’t they?

21. Being surrounded by the positive energy is the key.

22. Best uniform to wear at school.

23. When you gotta stay fashionable at Walmart.

24. Knowing your worth is the biggest achievement.