24 Hell-Funny Pics to Feed your Hunger for Laughter


No one can ever have enough of a good LOL moment. Whether it’s with a friend, alone or with a stranger, laughing hard until your tears erupt and your tummy hurts, is a good and positive feeling. And it is scientifically proven that laughter is the sweetest medicine for mind and body as it has the powerful antidote to cure stress, pain, and conflict.

Fortunately, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use and we care about your physical and emotional health so, that’s why in order to give you a good laugh, we have a compilation down below of funny pictures from the Internet that will be a good ‘laugh conductor’. Enjoy!

1. Is that why you’re running, John?

2. Is she small or the other woman is too tall?

3. Nice farewell cake for the cute colleague who’s transferring.

4. She wears rainbow and poops them everywhere.

5. Hey, Ashley are you that typical California girl?

6. What did the Avocados ever do to you?

7. A little cone helmet for the kitty while snowboarding.

8. What are you looking at, old man?

9. Every yellow thing is not a popcorn.

10. Cool dude breaking the law.

11. ‘Might’ you say? Really?

12. This man carries around a picture of his ‘Pride and Joy’.

13. He’s in a big trouble.

14. I’m not a pet person but this made me go, Awww!

15. I might need to get me a pub after seeing this picture.

16. Boss baby just chilling in the bed.

17. That’s gonna sting for a long time.

18. Seeing that ID makes me Twitch a little a bit.

19. “I only listen to current music”.

20. The grandson who got this apron for his granny’s 90th B’day.

21. Who sleeps like that? Apparently, this lady!

22. Husband got her wife a Christmas gift, guess what the present was!

23. Imagine, we grow older but our head remains the same.

24. Cats have this weird way of fitting in everywhere.