20 Times when Bad-Luck slapped Extra Hard on People’s Faces


What is the worst case scenario of a bad day? Your car dies in the middle of the road, you’re late for work, you drop a decaf on your shirt and finally, when you reach the office you get scowled by your mean and bald boss. Is that bad enough? Maybe not the worst yet but it’s pretty bad enough to put off anyone’s mood because that white Linen shirt cost you a fortune.

Anyways, there are many other ways where people started their day of very bad. And if you wanna know how it went, here are some pictures. You’d be glad to know that you’re not alone in this, a bunch of people are right behind you. Carry on!

1. That Loafer just lost his partner, his mourning.

2. This is what happens when you leave your crock pot on top of a hot toaster oven.

3. This onion has two-layers of skin.

4. It was just a pillow inside the washing machine.

5. And the cheese is playing hard to get.

6. She is too fat to fit in her door so she just stares at her Hooman.

7. How hard is this apple?

8. Did the tire got stung by a bee?

9. About time to order another wine.

10. Even the balloons flew away before the party got started.

11. It’s all fake advertisement, don’t believe them!

12. Nice view! The hotel has amazing surroundings.

13. Imagine that happening while you were taking a test drive.

14. “Just wanted to clean the attic”.

15. Right in time when your battery is 15%.

16. “My baby just turned 2, and great!”

17. Was Princess Elsa here last night?

18. Sometimes your Pringles wants to be like corn flakes.

19. What the heck happened there?

20. Her jeans got ripped and exposed her underwear in public.