20 Satirical Illustrations Demonstrating the Dreadful Reality of Modern Culture


Humanity has reached a point where we need to bring about some important changes and ask ourselves some harsh questions. If it’s done any later, there is a tragic end which will surely engulf us into a dead end. But more often than not, we are failing at recognizing the problem at hand or let’s say we turn a blind eye towards everything we see as a problem.

Acting as an eye opener, the illustrations in this article will force to face the cruelest truths and how they affect us as a whole. Is humanity really dead? Are we really succumbing to a new low?

Well, it’s about time we were brought face to face with reality, anyway.

1. Cultivating a student is the teacher’s job.

2. When Syria striked the hearts of millions but through screen.

3. The entangle of social media in the lives of students.

4. Capturing all the glorification in the name of humbleness.

5. A parent has to protect their child in all circumstances.

6. The dying self-respect.

7. Controlled by a Joystick.

8. Are we losing our freedom in the madness for security?

9. No one should be scared to be different.

10. Every father is a superhero to his kids.

11. No one is jealous of us now.

12. Laughing at each other’s religion is a new thing.

13. Snakes with a facade of friends are quite common.

14. The importance we are giving to technology is quite bizarre.

15. It depends on what you feed your brain.

16. If only…?

17. One always crave for what they do not have.

18. The cut-throat competition is sucking the life out of kids.

19. Internet actually runs in our veins now.

20. Old school is what everyone craves these days.

21. Feeding the sense all the cash does the trick.

22. Earth is turning into a fancy graveyard with each passing day.

23. Someone has everything to eat.

24. The balance between being offline and online is hard to attain.

25. Cruelty is being documented these days.

25. No comments on it.