16+ People who are Suspiciously too Dumb for the Internet World


How often do you come across a post on the internet that is suspicious as hell? Many times I guess, the Internet is full of the good, the bad and the ugly. Sorting it out whether it’s genuine or not is just a waste of time because it is way too obvious. You just go, “Why do people think that others are as dumb as they are?” 

Below are some pictures that will make you feel the same. The good for nothing post that just proves how innocently dumb some people can be. The term ignorant is just being misused a lot.

1. Yes, we can see how pretty your shadow is.

2. So educating and productive this is

3. Because no one has the time to scrap out gums so they just painted over it.

4. It’s from Scotland, anyone interested?

5. Dayum, this sheriff knows how to play.

6. Is’t necessary to be heart shaped?

7. Pi-Day it was a whole different thing than pie.

8. It’s a cardinal sin to wear white on someone else’s wedding day.

9. You sure do love them, don’t you?

10. Too much craziness going on in this tweet.

11. Wedding in South Florida, at least her shoes look good.

12. Meanwhile in Iceland.

13. Ah, a phone call would have been nicer!

14. And 4 years later you guys are what?