15 Pictures of People Doing Crazy Things Caught On Camera


People are just crazy. We can without a doubt agree that humans are capable of doing crazy stuff. What the internet has meant is that now we can see all of this craziness on our computer screens. And, believe us there is nothing funnier than humans making a fool out of themselves, which is why you’ll like this list a lot.


Cutting a tree is an art that not everyone can apply. Not only does it take a lot of expertise, but it also requires a certain amount of intellect and intelligence. Well, this guy certainly doesn’t have both as he cuts this tree.

Pool Party

Most pool parties are a good way to bond with your friends, but one thing that needs to be taken care of is safety within these parties. These guys really didn’t attend physics classes in high school or they would know what they’re doing wrong.


Tanks can be hard to understand for someone who is seeing them for the first time. But, this person who seems to be dressed as one of the soldiers doesn’t really know the outcomes of looking directly into the firing zone of the tank.

Washing Your Car

Taking care of your car is something that you can learn from the intelligent people among us. Someone like this person, who is so dedicated to washing his car with water that he doesn’t care what weather it is outside.


That is definitely not how you hold a leash for your dog, especially if it as powerful as the dog in this photo. What this means with a cat running in front is that this guy is soon going to lose his teeth in a couple of seconds time.

Sticking Your Tongue

Sticking your tongue against a pole when it is cold outside is a deadly sin. You’re risking not only getting stuck against the pole, but also looking like a basic idiot. This guy seriously didn’t know the repercussions of this act.

Eye Hole

This woman took having an eye hole to another level by pointing this pistol to the eye. Even the slightest of errors in such vulnerable situations could lead to a devastating impact that can leave one with an eye hole


There is this thing about children where they don’t know where to not get themselves stuck. This girl seriously had no idea that she would be in such a position when she thought of climbing atop this chest


Humans can have serious brain fade, where they forget how to think. This guy suffered from one such brain fade when he thought it would be a good idea to lean against an electrical wire with a ladder under him.


Rather than asking what and why, the question that would seem most appropriate here is how? How can someone get themselves stuck on the toilet bowl in such a way? Either this woman is a gymnast or she did not think this out.


From asking how in the previous picture, we can now move onto other questions here. Why would someone want to bite a wild animal on their tail, when it is clearly evident that they are not comfortable? Like, why would you do it?

Being Brave

Sometimes acting to be brave can have serious repercussions. This guy thought that pointing towards a crocodile and taking a picture would be a good idea, until the croc decided to take a swing at him with his mouth.


There are times when you should just get a bicycle that suits your age and size. This lady seriously couldn’t figure out two things. Firstly, the cycle isn’t for people her age and secondly there is a child stuck behind her derriere.


You might have been stuck in numerous positions during your life, but nothing would beat how this guy is stuck in this spiral for kids to climb. The guy on the outside looks like he wants to help, but there is nothing he can do.

Life is adventurous and there are many things you should try in it before you die. But, taking a dump on a policeman’s car is just not the way to go about it. This lad must have served some time behind the bars for this.