11 Common Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman


While you may be doing everything in your power to attract the opposite sex, it may surprise you to learn that some of your actions and behaviours can have the opposite effect. In fact, you may not even realise that you’re acting in a way that drives men away when all you’re trying to do is draw them towards you.

I know some ladies are unaware of their deeds and behaviour that sometimes reflect negatively to men. For example, a woman with hair full of volumising product and variously placed bobby pins walks into the room. Will it attract the attention of all those men present at the party? Yes, but not for the reasons you want. Most men prefer long, loose, soft and silky hair, not sticky hairspray and hard gels.

And like this many other habits turn out to be annoying for them. Let’s take a look at this list and know things that men find unattractive in a woman.

1. Being way too arrogant!

Indeed. Ladies, you should understand that thin line between being proud and being arrogant. Having proud of your achievements and accomplishments is cool but being arrogant about it in front of others is way too bad. It pisses off men!

2. Poor personal hygiene

Ofcourse, this is the basic thing! Regardless of the gender, men and women both should be upto the mark when it comes to cleanliness. Poor personal hygiene in any of them turns the other person down.

3. Fail to lead the conversation.

Yeah, well! This is a rare case, but some women exist who have less interest in driving a healthy conversation. And it ends up the interest of men in them.

4. Criticising your ex all the time!

Believe me, every woman has some expectations and they are not really done with their ex. They shouldn’t flaunt those things in front of other men. This shows their attachment to the past and criticising habit which makes you very unattractive in front of other men.

5. Putting too much makeup.

Truly. Girls! I know that women don’t put on makeup to please men. They do it to satisfy themselves yet once in a while that thing goes much too far. Also, believe me, that truly puts your men off the board. Too much makeup isn’t really gonna work sometimes.

6. Doing itsy bitsy annoying drama.

This beyond any doubt goes both ways however those little wacky attributes of women like that snicker of a chuckle or your undesirable silliness truly acts as a burden sometimes on men.

7. She listens to no one!

For God’s sake! Stop being an idiot, you girl. Behaving as if you know everything, not listening to anyone, showing like nobody knows better than you. These all traits turn men off.

8. Women who think they are way too powerful!

Furthermore, not the great kind. This is the sort of lady who’ll break stuff in your house just since she couldn’t have her way. This is the ugliest attribute in a lady. And that’s really unattractive.

9. Laughing way too much with touching and hitting!

I mean I understand that you express your love while patting his back and laughing with him. But way too much giggling along with being touchy-touchy can sometimes be irritating for him.

10. Very much turned up!

That one chick who gets pounded and begins screeching and cussing at individuals louder than the club’s speakers. Terrible! Particularly the person who shouts in your ear.

11. Way too demanding!

Literally being too clingy and sticking way too much to your demands turn out to be unattractive most of the time for men.