10 Hilarious Pictures That PERFECTLY Illustrate Life Before And After Marriage


Expanding Horizons — And Waistlines

If you’ve been in a relationship for any amount of time, you know that things change as the days go on. You no longer worry about being perfect and things start to get real once the honeymoon period has come and gone. For example, in the beginning things are a bit lighter and everyone is excited all the time. But as that time goes by, things get a bit heavier and, well, he’s not so excited anymore.

Eat Up!

This is kind of a stereotype, but stereotypes exist for a reason — there is at least a little bit of truth behind them. When you start dating, you don’t want to go full-on face-first into a pizza each and every time. Plus, you might have butterflies in your stomach the first few dates. But once you’ve been together a while? Strap on the feedbag because Mama wants some spaghetti. But to be honest, food is love, so you should never hold back on that front, right?

Feel The Burn

Before he had that ring on his finger, he was all about lifting with the bros and building up those biceps because he had to impress the ladies. Nights he could be found bench pressing and doing squats before pounding down some protein shakes. Since he said, “I do,” his time is spent not only with the wife — and yes, they can work out together — but also running errands with a little bit of a belly poking through. You know, priorities. Speaking of which…

Sleep Tight!

Remember when you first got together and you couldn’t wait to cuddle in bed, maybe spoon a little bit before gently drifting off? Everything was like something out of a romantic movie. Fast-forward a few months and all bets are off. She’s splayed out like a starfish in the middle of the bed and he’s grappling for any piece of the covers that he can get. Spooning? No thanks. In fact, I might just be more comfortable out on the couch.

Playing The Game

When you’re first together, you want everything to be peaceful and perfect. If you have a little disagreement, there is compromise and maybe he lets her win — whether the spat is verbal or just playing a game of some sort. But once you’ve been married awhile, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and each one is out for their own. He no longer lets her win, and she’s not afraid to fight back. Who will regain control? Only time will tell.

Money Talks

I have to jump in here and say that this one seems a little outdated, given how women are working their butts off each and every day. But they’re still paid less, so I suppose that it kind of makes sense. Before their marriage, it used to be that the husband would earn almost twice more than his wife. After marriage, he realizes that she’s better at handling finances and basically signs his checks right over to her, a highly-capable woman who is probably earning her own money, too. But what about keeping romance alive?

Flower Power

One of the most traditionally romantic things a man can do early in a relationship — or at any time at all, to be frank — is to bring a woman flowers. It’s a sweet gesture that he’s thinking of her and doesn’t like having an extra $30 in his pocket. But after marriage? He might bring them on a special occasion, but otherwise he’s bringing home more practical things like food they can have for dinner. After all, you can’t eat roses, but you can eat tomatoes.

Cocked And Loaded

Before marriage, they both appear to be healthy and fit and happy. Things are going great and they’re still in that blissful early stage where, as we’ve seen, meals are tiny and grievances pushed to the side, if they’re there at all. But once they’ve been hitched for a couple of years, she might just let herself go. And him? Well, his feathers are ruffled and he looks a little worse for the wear.

Netflix And Chill

In the beginning, all of your emotions are are crazy high levels, even if you’re just watching a movie. She gets scared and cradles in his arms. He likes to pretend he’s in the role of protector while shoving popcorn in his mouth. Give it a couple of years and Netflix and chill literally becomes Netflix and whatever we can watch and hope we don’t fall asleep before 10 pm.

Eye Of The Tiger

Before the marriage, a man used to be the king of his castle. He ruled the land! If his room was filled with dirty dishes and laundry, nobody would care because he lived alone and had to deal with it. But after marriage? He’s now sharing a den and things don’t fly the way they did when he was a swinging bachelor. He gets tamer, even meek at times, and dare we say pussy whipped? But of course, being in love makes all the changes completely worthwhile.